How Much Can a Blogging Website Earn? Interesting Facts and Stats For 2023

Blogging Website Earning

How much can a blogging website earn? – that was one of the questions I kept on asking before I started in the industry. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it! In this “blog,” I’ll share with you a couple of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my experience in blogging.

I’ll go over some of the most important things to do for you to start, as well as some statistics that could be of importance in today’s blogging.

What is a Blog?

People who were born after the sprout of the internet would know and have a definitive understanding of what a blog is. It’s like it is an automatic thing to know because it has been around for so long – but for people in our age bracket, the term is quite new.

A blog is a short term for a weblog, which is a part or an area of a website that is regularly updated. It has originally been used as part of business content or commentary, and are often interactive, allowing people to share their thoughts, opinions, and reactions to it.

Purposes of Blogs

You might be wondering, what is a blog useful for? Blogs have several uses, but among the most common include:

Connecting to Wider Audiences

Connecting To Wider Audiences

One of the primary benefits and advantages of blogs is that it’s used by businesses and brands to connect and reach audiences that haven’t been touched by their team yet.

To give you a concrete example, let’s say you’re selling a digital product and you know that you have a wider and broader market, but you aren’t touching it. So, what you do is you create a blog that’s centered around that digital product and you try reaching the right people using various techniques, such as SEO, social media, and advertising.

Building Brands and Businesses

Blogs are also excellent ways of building your brands or your businesses and it does this by increasing and heightening the authority of your brand. You see, in today’s time, people are more likely to believe and respect businesses, stores, shops – brands, in particular,that have websites because websites pose as a source of information for users and potential customers.

A good website can build and make your brand more reliable and trustworthy, while a bad website can do the opposite.

Raising Awareness

Last but most definitely not least is the fact that a blog can raise awareness towards your business. In other words, it doesn’t only build your business to become more reputable and trustworthy, it also increases the presence of the brand online or digitally.

Your blog can be the avenue for your business to make important announcements, to post events, discounts, sales, and promotions, etc. It’s an all-around tool that you can make use of to increase the potential awareness that people have with your brand or business.

These three (3) are what many consider as the primary uses of blogging for a brand or a business. Of course, a lot of other advantages can revolve around it, which can also supplement the growth and scaling of your empire!

Let’s take a few steps back and check out on the history and background of blogging. Where did the idea come from? Who wrote and published the first blog? What was the purpose of its creation?

The History of Blogging

You see, back in our days, blogging was not what it is today – it has evolved A LOT. Back in the day, blogging just used to be the sharing of experiences through writing and photos for the sake of letting people know.

The History Of Blogging

Now, blogging has been one of the tools people use to earn a great sum of money. It has been an industry that people use to scale and escalate to a bigger and more relevant persona.

The first-ever blog was written and published by Justin Hall on, and it was essentially about HTML examples and a couple of his reviews toward it. Back then, Hall referred to this as his “personal homepage.”

Fast-forward to 1997, the term weblog has been coined. It was Jorn Barger who coined it as he saw and describe the process of these pages as “logging the web,” and thus, the term weblog has been coined.

Then, in 1999, the term weblog was shortened to blog by Peter Morholz, which is the one that head OpenTable and Groupon Design.

2003 was the year when Google AdSense was launched and created, and thus, this has been the year when blogging went on a full-on upscale. Bloggers were merely sharing experiences and thoughts on something, they started to do it for money.

The years that followed have been a mix of optimization and updates to how we know blogging as of today. In 2011, Google changed its algorithm for the first-time, punishing and decreasing relevance in those that had low-quality content.

Until today, Google changes and modifies its rulings towards blogs and websites as they continue to provide only the best information to users and readers. They do it on a yearly basis to suffice the need of high-quality, relevant data and information to users and readers.

Can You Really Earn Through Blogging?

We’ve all heard someone say, “there’s no money in blogging any longer.” And that could be partly true for a couple of reasons, but, blogging has been designed to make people earn, especially with all the tools and advancements we have now.

So yes, you can still earn through blogging. In fact, it is considered one of the most profitable and lucrative online businesses that has little-to-no cost to start up. What’s even better is the fact that you don’t really have to blog full-time – you can do it a few times per week and earn money!

Virtually, the potential earnings for blogging are unlimited. There’s no ceiling as to how much you can earn through blogging because you are not limited to just a single source of income with it.

One perfect example is Ryan Robinson, a prominent and well-established blogger who has a blog about blogging. He approximately earns around $30,000 monthly by just blogging.

He has guides, tips, techniques – targeted articles that people can use to earn money by blogging.

So, to answer the question truthfully, yes, you can earn money in blogging – even up until today. The right websites, webpages, and links can get you to the success you’ve been searching for quicker and faster than you think!

How Much Can a Blogging Website Earn?

Like any other job, there’s not a standard salary or range of income in blogging. As a matter of fact, taking the average or median amount, it sits around $45,000 to $50,000 per year. Of course, during the first early years, you can expect minimal earnings of $500 even up to $2,000.

However, there are a ton of different variables and factors to consider on how you can earn by blogging. Today, you can leverage many ways for you to get that bread out of your blog – we have Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Ads, Sponsored Content, Consultation, Direct Display Ads – literally everything you can connect to your high-yielding traffic blog can make you money.

In this guide, though, we’ll just focus on blogging itself or through Google AdSense.

So, with the below steps, we’ll be enumerating the different steps on how you can earn through blogging or through your blogging website.

7 Steps to Earn Money in Blogging

Blogging can be a fun and interesting way to make money, especially if you love it. Well, there’s no other way but up when you’re already in the industry, right? So, how do you earn money from blogging? What steps should you gain profit out of it?

To guide and help you, here are a few steps you can do to earn money through blogging.

Step #1: Choose the “Right” and Profitable Niche

I always remember what I learned through all the books and literature I’ve read, “you never go into battle without a sword and a shield. If you do, it’s suicide.” The same thing applies to blogging. You need to have all the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skill in order to survive and thrive in the market.

So, the first step that I would advise – even other expert and experienced bloggers will – would be to choose the niche you want to be involved in. Although the essence of blogging would be to share your thoughts and experiences on personal stuff you’ve encountered, that might just not work if you want to earn with your blogs.

2023 is a new age. What’s profitable this year could still be in the shadows last year. So, to give you the best and most profitable niches of this year, they are:

  • Blogging and Making Money Online
  • Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Self-Care and Mentality
  • Personal Finance and Investing (Saving)

There are other, more-specific niches you can touch and try to get yourself in. Just do your research and ensure that you are getting into the best of the best!

TIP: Choose a niche that you enjoy talking about. It does not necessarily have to be something you are good or an expert on, just what you love writing and talking about. Need help? Here’s entrepreneur’s tips in choosing your niche!

Step #2: Plan Topics and Scale Content

When you’ve finalized your niche, the next step would be to create your content.

Oh wait, let me rephrase that – next up is to plan your topics, draft content, and execute. Blogging requires continuous research and effort and not just pouring your energy one-time. Don’t worry, the day will come when you don’t have to do anything to earn. When you’re starting, you want to treat it like your business.

Pour your heart out and soul into it!

Here’s a simple checklist to plan out and scale your content:

  • Ensure That You’re Targeting the Best Keywords
  • Plan Your Content
  • Create Eye-Catchy and Witty Titles and Headlines
  • Post and Publish Consistently

Step #3: Try and Build Reputation

Don’t fret and stress out when you notice that your blogs aren’t getting the traction you were expecting. That’s normal and you will fall deeper and deeper into it.

So, what you want to do is to try and establish your blog (or yourself) as an authority in the blogosphere. The blogosphere is the space or network where bloggers meet and see each other.

You can do guest-posting, affiliate writing, sponsoring content, etc. Just be creative when it comes to dealing with other people and other blogs.

NOTE: Not sure where to go? Here’s a list of the top sites you can reach out to for posting publications and guesting!

Step #4: Promote and Optimize

Your work without promotion is like a sack of diamonds in the mine without a machine to get it. You’ll need to promote your work and let people know that you or your blog is existent. Remember, the formula for a successful blog starts with readers – the more readers, the more traffic – you know what’s next.

Refrain from over-promoting, though, as Google might think that you are spamming your website when you’re not.

TIP: Go to Quora or any other forum website and answer questions that will allow you to link back to your site. We tried this and we got over 40% of clicks from a single question alone!

Another promotion tip would be by creating a newsletter. Newsletters are surefire ways of pulling people back into your website after they’ve visited.

There’ll be times when you have to offer them something for free just for them to give you their contact information. Nevertheless, you will see and discover that it will be all worth it.

Step #5: Start Monetizing Your Blog

After a few months to a little over a year, you should be seeing traction and movement in your website. This is the offspring of a good content strategy, near-perfect optimization, and high-quality, original content!

So, the next thing you would want to do would be to monetize your blog. Monetization does not always mean selling something. In fact, in the blogosphere, the primary thing that people know when it comes to monetizing websites would be Google AdSense.

That is true. However, there are a ton of other ways of how you can turn visitors into money, and they are:

  • Offering Workshops and Online Courses
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Offering Subscriptions
  • Writing Sponsored Content
  • Affiliate Links and Marketing
  • Webinars and Online Classes
  • Consultation
  • And Many More!

I would worry less about this until you see that you’re driving tens to hundreds of thousands of people to your website on a monthly basis.

Step #6: Offer Merchandise

Merchandise is also one of the best ways for your blog to earn or generate income. It might not be directly from how you do your blogging, but if people love your content or material, they will most certainly purchase the products or merchandise you’re offering.

You can choose any type of merchandise. If you are a brand, you can offer shirts, apparel, mugs, power banks and other stuff.

If you report and blog about current events, your merch can be connected to what you’re blogging about.

Step #7: Diversify

Last but most definitely not least would be to diversify. By now, you should know and be very much aware that blogging is not like a job where you can only juice out a single source of income.

It is a vast plane of opportunities, especially if you know where to go, where to place your material, and the people to work with.

Diversification has been one of the keys in blogging. Take Wix, for example. Wix is a website that offers everything from logo creation, funnel or website-building, and even informative stuff about everything digital.

They have a blog area, which definitely drives hundreds of thousands of people per month. On top of that, they have merchandise, digital products, and marketing/advertising services.

From those alone, Wix already has a staggering four (4) sources of income and it all started with a blog!

I know that a lot of you are skeptical about earning through blogs. Let me tell you one thing – in today’s society, reading is considered “boring.” Why not make the most out of it and bring youth back to reading instead of watching?

These steps are not foolproof – there could be mistakes on what’s needed to be done as well as the order of things. But, we, as well as our other clients and readers have followed this roadmap and found success.

Blogging Facts and Stats This 2023

You know what we always say, we don’t want you to be outdated! That’s why we prepared a couple of the most interesting and best facts and statistics about blogging for you this year!

Now, take note that these types of data change every now and then, and as of writing, the data on this is accurate! So, here are a few interesting blogging facts and stats of this year!

NOTE: All these facts and stats are taken from Ahrefs so, they’re definitely legit!

Wordpress Powers Near About 50 Percent Of The Entire Internet

  1. As of today, WordPress powers about 43.2% of the entire internet. Shopify comes second at 3.8%.
  2. How? Because there are about 70 million new WordPress posts each month.
  3. Well, that’s a big amount considering the fact that ONLY 40% of ALL marketers have a written content strategy.
  4. It’s great stuff from WordPress, but Tumblr actually hosts a total of 518 million blogs.
  5. Thanks to these information, people are diving more into blogging as 80% of bloggers say that blogging truly drives results.
  6. Moreover, those who create content and publish two (2) to six (6) times weekly have 50% more chances to have stronger results.
  7. Although it’s kind of sad that about 33% of the total bloggers don’t really earn money, but 72% of bloggers make about $2,000 monthly using Adthrive or Mediavine.
  8. So, let’s talk about earnings. The majority of bloggers choose to thrive on niches that have the highest percentage of monthly sessions, these include travel, lifestyle, and food.

To keep things simpler and easier to understand, blogs are still considered one of the best and most profitable types of online businesses today! With the right setup, the correct mindset, and the perfect niche, you can transform your hobby into a megalodon of passive income!

Are Blogs Still Profitable in 2022 to 2023?

Yes! It is still profitable and it will be probably until people stop reading. Kidding aside, just by looking at marketing statistics, the global marketing industry will grow by about $584.02 billion just in 2027. Of course, with the years passing by, you will experience and encounter several changes to how blogging is done and seen.

But with how the internet or world wide web is structured, blogs will still continue to be profitable and be effective in pursuing whatever its purpose is.


I know you’re flooded with questions, as I was! I’d be more surprised if you weren’t! I’ve garnered a few of the most frequently asked questions about the capacity of a blogging website to earn, so, here are those questions!

Do Beginner Bloggers Make Money?

Yes and no – let me explain.
Blogs earn through AdSense, which means traffic, affiliate marketing, which also means traffic, and sponsorships, which also means – you guessed it, traffic. Beginner bloggers who are looking at it as an income machine would probably be succumbed into the pitfall of disappointment, especially when they realize that they’re not making a penny off their blogs.
But, if you are a beginner in blogging that has a profitable niche, an extremely-detailed sitemap, highly-optimized and relevant content, then you probably have the chance to gain tens of thousands of traffic and attract companies and businesses under the same niche or industry.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money?

A lot of people think that blogging is like a job where you get income or salary every single time you do a post. But in reality, it’s not. Blogging is a versatile and flexible industry, and the way that bloggers can earn span from regular advertisements (AdSense) to hosting events, consulting services, and even writing books and eBooks.
The most popular ways that bloggers earn money include:
- AdSense or Advertisements
- Online Courses
- Paid Subscriptions
- Merchandise
- Affiliate Marketing
- Sponsored Content
- Consulting Services
- Webinars and Masterclasses
- Freelance
This web of many different outcomes spring from a single root – blogging.

Is it Worth Starting a Blog in 2023?

Definitely. Having a blog in this time of our age is already considered rare as the majority of people want to focus on vlogging or video blogging. This actually places blogging in one of the highest-paying online or digital services out there that is not as saturated as video blogging.
Keep in mind, though, that a blog will only serve as instruments for you to unleash other media on how you can earn digitally. Nevertheless, you can still earn money blogging if you are on the right track!

Does Blogging Have a Future?

Absolutely – and that has been the same question people had 5 years ago! In fact, over the past five (5) years, the number of websites that are active and being updated increased by 9%. With this data, we can expect that blogs and websites will continue to heighten up and increase.

The Bottom Line

So, in case you were asking, how much can a blogging website earn, we can safely say, a lot! Kidding aside, blogging is a fruitful and wonderful hobby that you can turn into a passive, income-generating machine, if you do the right things.

Don’t ever believe people who say that blogging is dead, because, it clearly is not! Today, many other forms of blogging are being leveraged by people to earn money there are vlogs or video blogs, photography blogs or plogs, health and fitness blogs, and many more!

Do you think you have what it takes to create and nurture a blog? Learn all the information about starting a blog and how to make money with it here!