What Is Akismet and Why Should You Use It Right Away?

Akismet is an advanced spam filtering solution and is one of the most popular solutions for spam prevention in comments is suitable for multiple platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. It is a plugin that comes with WordPress. This is because Automattic, the company that proudly owns WordPress, created this effective spam filter.

Moreover, Akismet employs algorithms to evaluate comments and pingbacks made to your site in order to determine the clutter and helpful areas of your comments thread. It filters spam comments, prevents them from showing on your site and help to stop spam bots to put extra load on your website.

However, Akismet, such as virtually everything else, is not perfect. There might have been a few spam comments that it missed, and you have to deal with them. There have even been instances of Akismet going too far and spamming legitimate comments. Though not ideal, this plugin is one of the best and most famous anti-spam filtering plugins.

Keep reading to learn about Akismet’s features, pros, and why it’s so simple to use.

Why Should You Use Akismet Right Away?

Spam comments may make up to 85% of all comments on prominent websites. This suggests that only 15 of every 100 comments are legitimate. Comment moderation takes time, and It could save you time. It will capture spam comments before they reach your moderation queue. This frees up your time to moderate comments from real users.

Is Akismet the Best Anti-spam Plugin?

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin developed particularly for WordPress by WordPress.com developers. It has so far filtered billions of spam comments and interacts easily with the most popular WordPress contact form plugins. It is reliable and trustworthy, can be set within minutes, and provides competitively priced options for commercial and personal websites.


  • You may manually approve or remove comments
  • Compatible with contact form plugins such as Gravity Forms and Jetpack
  • Filters spam automatically
  • Secures contact and comment forms


  • It does not need a CAPTCHA, which improves conversion rates.
  • It has over five million installations; thus, its spam database is huge and comprehensive. As a result, its spam filters are incredibly accurate.
  • It is cloud-based, operates on its servers, and does not slow down your website.

Simple to use:

It is very simple to set up, needing no development knowledge or no server access. Simply go to plugins, then add new to your WordPress dashboard. Look for Akismet and then tap Install Now Activate. Then, select the plan you want, create an account, copy and paste your API key into settings, and you’re ready to go!


While there are various high-quality solutions to pick from, you must examine the functionality and price most suited to your specific situation.
It is the best WordPress anti-spam solution for the majority of WordPress sites. Because it was created by the same individuals who made WordPress.com, it has the most comprehensive spam database and works smoothly with major form plugins. Additionally, since it is cloud-based, it will not slow down your website like many other products on this list.

Furthermore, it is free for personal sites and has extremely low-priced levels for enterprises. That’s why it already has over five million installs!