Top 10 SEO Blogs That You Need To Follow in 2023

Seo Blogs That You Need To Follow In 2023

People say “Knowledge is power” and reading is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and wisdom. You cannot learn everything from watching videos, especially in the modern digital era. People like to read blogs and books to increase their knowledge. Are you looking to increase your website ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing? SEO or search engine optimization plays an important role in easily elevating your website.

Leading SEO Blogs Online

Are you looking for the best sources of information, tips and trends on SEO? Following these SEO trends would improve visibility and increase leads in a significant manner. SEO strategies are constantly changing, so it is important to stick to the trend to gain more web traffic.

Normally, SEO factors which worked for a year would not be working today. In the modern day, SEO is the big sector where you are required to learn constantly with the latest SEO trends.

These are quite important to master SEO ranking in the search engine. Are you searching for SEO blogs for getting SEO updates? Below are some of the top 10 SEO blogs that you need to follow in 2023

1. Moz Blog

Increase Your Seo Skills With Moz Blog

Moz is an amazing influential blog with the industry’s top experts providing research, how-tos, advice and insights on SEO. These are quite helpful for easily levelling you up on the SEO aspects.

Reading these blogs is an efficient way to the online marketing skills. The Moz Blog is also backed with complete industry-leading SEO data. It is followed by the largest SEO community in the world.

Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig Founded Moz Blog in 2004. The Moz Blog is the best source of information for multiple aspects of online marketing, especially SEO.

Moz Blog also features news, updated articles, resources and more. These also include cheat sheets for improving local SEO. You can also get more information about the SEO tools, which help to increase search traffic. It is helpful for understanding the audience amazingly.

  • Blog Owner: Rand Fishkin
  • Founded in: 2004
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 420K
  • Domain Authority: 89/100
  • Backlinks: 22.7M

Why Should You Read Moz Blog?

Moz Blog is one of the leading SEO authority blogs preferred by many numbers of people. It is also not a beginner-friendly site as it has more advanced SEO related stuff discussed here. You can easily get high-quality and in-depth content with SEO. Beginner’s Guide to SEO is one of the highest-read pages on the web. It was read by more than a million of people.

2. Search Engine Land

Do you want to read the latest trends in Search Engine Marketing, SEO or PPC? Search Engine Land is the best-preferred blog site by most people. Search Engine Land has become the industry’s trusted Blog on the web.

Search Engine Land Blog

These blogs are read by more than millions of people every year. In the modern day, digital marketing has changed everything faster. Search Engine Land makes your search for knowledge easier by providing updated blog content.

Search Engine Land is also known for providing a 24/7 news source. You have a better option for learning new information, breaking stories, feature announcements and trends related to the SEO.

Search Engine Land and MarTech especially cover everything about advertising technology, digital marketing, the MarTech landscape and more. There is also daily news coverage available with the breaking stories and industry trends.

Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman founded Search Engine Land. It has been published by Third Door Media. There is also a research canter for digital marketers and Search Marketing Expo. Chris Elwell is CEO of Third Door Media and founding partner of Search Engine Land.

  • Blog Owner: Danny Sullivan
  • Founded in: 2006
  • Domain Authority: 90/100
  • Backlinks: 32.9M
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 712K

Why Should You Read Search Engine Land?

Search Engine Land covers all the latest Google updates, SEO techniques and many more. People could easily find all the SEO-related news in the Search Engine Land. The blog site covers the

  1. Latest trends in SEO
  2. Breaking Stories
  3. Feature announcements
  4. Digital marketing strategies and tactics

3. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal or SEJ uses a specialized community-based approach to search marketing content. These attract most visitors from leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Every article published in Search Engine Journal is from online marketing experts. They especially share their thoughts and ideas relating to SEO. Search Engine Journal was launched in 2003, and it is a unique community-based approach to search marketing content.

All the contributed articles are published by the leading online marketing experts, especially in-house and independently. Alpha Brand Media owns the Search Engine Journal currently.

Search Engine Journal has been providing the latest search news along with the best guides on the SEO standards. You can also read the how-tos about various trends on SEO attributes.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is vital to get your website the highest ranking. These are convenient options for getting complete results based on the requirements.

Reading from this SEO resource is the absolute option for gaining knowledge. Each article is based on the highest quality and gives better value to readers.

  • Blog Owner: Alpha Brand Media
  • Founded in: 2003
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 456K
  • Backlinks: 10.3M
  • Domain Authority: 86/100

Why Should You Read The Search Engine Journal?

The biggest great reason for reading the Search Engine Journal is that it is the ultimate guide on SEO. Search Engine Journal contributors have been invited by the editorial team. These articles are accepted by leading professional SEO experts.

  1. Updated Blog with Google news
  2. Ultimate SEO guides
  3. Know about Algorithm changes and their impact
  4. Know about indexing issues
  5. SEO trends
  6. SEO strategies
  7. News
  8. In-depth subject guides

4. Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable provides the best source for readers to extensively locate SEM forums. Normally, the Search Engine Roundtable blog provides all the latest updates from Google, such as the ranking as well as algorithm factors.

It includes link building to help marketers to grow search engine traffic. It is also one of the curated sources for reading SEO trends, especially about search engine marketing.

People can easily keep up, enabling a better conversation rate. It is also a convenient option to read the News, trends, behind-the-scenes and more. Search Engine Roundtable is another great SEO blog covering wider attributes.

Barry Schwartz is the Founder and Editor of Search Engine Roundtable. Barry Schwartz is a blogger born in 1980 who writes about search engines as well as search engine marketing.

Search Engine Roundtable is an online news site which covers all the trends and news. There are also several blogs about SEO, link-building, CRO, content marketing and many more. Each content is available with in-depth and long attributes covering every practical aspect.

  • Blog Owner: Barry Schwartz
  • Founded in: 2003
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 57.5K
  • Backlinks: 14.8M
  • Domain Authority: 77/100

Why Should You Read Search Engine Roundtable?

Search Engine Roundtable is one of the ultimate SEO blogs which provides detailed information about Google core updates, SEO copywriting and more. Articles contain the latest news, tips and many others from the search engine marketing community.

5. Neilpatel.Com Blog

Are you blogging for SEO or content marketing? Then, you must have heard about Neil Patel. He is quite a popular SEO expert who has been travelling across the world to provide seminars. He has been teaching everything about SEO and how to use them to many people.

Neilpatel Blog

Neil Patel has been providing seminars for attending events on growing businesses. When you are looking to find in-depth articles about blogging, then Blog is the best option.

You can extensively learn everything about SEO and content marketing tactics from Neil Patel’s Blog. There are more than thousands of posts available filled with the Golden nuggets. All the blog posts are detailed to more than 3000 to 5000 words.

Neil Patel also has been sharing information on Podcasts as well as YouTube video tutorials based on SEO. You can check the long form of articles about SEO in this forum.

  • Blog Owner: Neil Patel
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 410K
  • Domain Authority: 87/100
  • Backlinks: 4.0M

Why Should You Read Neil Patel’s Blog?

Neil Patel is a skilled and renowned SEO specialist. Blog has a wider collection of blog posts, and this especially covers better search engine optimization. All the articles are easy to understand, and this especially gives the A to Z information about topics.

6. Yoast Blog

The Yoast Blog is one of the leading blog sites allowing people to gain more knowledge about SEO trends. The main goal is to keep content nice and easy to read for all audiences.

These trends are quite amazing to read and helpful for people to gain more updated news. These also help with ranking high in Google. Normally, Yoast SEO provides more detailed articles on technical SEO. SEO experts share complete insights about the rankings using advanced technology.
Yoast Blog is the best place where you can easily find everything about SEO. Joost de Valk is the founder of Yoast. He has been advising the team on marketing, product as well as technology.

He is an internet entrepreneur with a background in SEO, web development, digital marketing, and more. Yoast Blog covers a wider number of aspects, such as SEO, online marketing, WordPress optimization, as well as content strategies.

These are helpful for marketers to easily succeed in the SEO attributes. Yoast Blog is helpful for you to know more about Technical and Content SEO. You can also easily read more about the analytics and optimizing the ecommerce site.

  • Blog Owner: Joost de Valk
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 110K
  • Domain Authority: 79/100
  • Backlinks: 2.0M

Why Should You Read Yoast Blog?

Are you looking to learn more about search engine optimization with WordPress tutorials? Yoast Blog is the best place for you to choose easily. These are started with SEO plugins for gaining on-page optimization. Yoast Blog provides you with more number of tutorial about the

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Analytics
  3. WordPress
  4. SEO trends and news

7. Semrush Blog

Semrush provides a digital marketing blog covering almost all topics that, include SEO, SEM, PPC, and more. Semrush is quite famous for its amazing SEO tool and also provides SEO articles.

These articles are helpful for easily understanding SEO methods and trends. Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov is the Founder of Semrush.

Semrush Blog

Oleg Shchegolev is the CEO of Semrush with the mission of revolutionising the industry and conquering it too. There are a wide number of articles related to SEO available in the Semrush Blog. It will be a great option to read them even without any hassle.

Semrush SEO tools are also available to easily increase the web ranking along with overall sales. These are helpful to easily do everything, starting from keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits and more.

  • Blog Owner: Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 101K
  • Domain Authority: 79/100
  • Backlinks: 10.2M

Why Should You Read Semrush’s Blog?

Semrush is the best SEO toolkit which has been used by 5 million users across the world.
These have amazing digital marketing blogs where you can easily find the best content around SEO, SEM, content strategy, content marketing and more.

8. The Seer Interactive Blog

Seer Interactive is the leading award-winning SEO agency that especially focuses on SEO, PPC, Analytics and more. Seer Interactive runs the best Blog which covers search engine optimization, Google analytics, Paid Ads, and more.

Are you looking to learn more about the topics, trends and news related to SEO? Reading the Seer Interactive Blog is one of the best options as you can find tons of them online.

SEER Interactive is a Philadelphia-based SEO consulting firm. Will Reynolds was the founder of Seer Interactive Blog in 2002.

  • Blog Owner: Will Reynolds
  • Founded in: 2002
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 10.4K
  • Backlinks: 215K
  • Domain Authority: 59/100

Why Should You Read The Seer Interactive?

Seer Interactive is an amazing SEO-based service publishing more numbers of informative articles about SEO. Seer Interactive Blog covers almost all the tips on improving search traffic using this SEO strategy. You can also find tutorials about various tools like Semrush Screaming Frog and more.

9. Matthew Woodward

Are you looking to get in-depth case studies around SEO? Matthew Woodward’s Blog is a perfect option for you. You can easily find a wide number of articles based on traffic generation, link building, website conversions and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

It is convenient to learn everything from the experts in SEO. Matthew Woodward’s Blog is a great place for you. Matthew Woodward teaches you how to increase website search traffic in the step-by-step process. You can easily find award-winning tutorials.

  • Blog Owner: Matthew Woodward
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 6.4K
  • Domain Authority: 52/100
  • Backlinks: 807K

Why Should You Read Matthew Woodward?

In Matthew Woodward Blogs, you can read real case studies about search engine optimization. You can easily find everything about getting maximum search traffic in the Blog. It is convenient to check Matthew Woodward’s Blog covering in-depth articles on online marketing and SEO.

10. SparkToro

Rand Fishkin known as an SEO wizard founded SparkToro. Rand Fishkin also founded Moz. SparkToro Blog is published by Rand and you can easily find 100% unique SEO insights. There are also case studies on SEO, along with updated news. SparkToro blogs also bring you statistical techniques.

  • Blog Owners: Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic: 50K
  • Domain Authority: 58/100
  • Backlinks: 473K

Why Should You Read SparkToro?

SparkToro focuses on publishing mostly “case studies”. These are added with the complete real data suitable for your requirements. You can read tons of research-based articles about search engines. The amazing SEO blog covers in-depth guides and tutorials around search engine optimization.


Are you interested in enhancing your website with massive web traffic or increasing your knowledge of SEO trends? Reading these blogs provides a fountain of information and inspiration. Above are the top 10 SEO blogs that you can follow in 2023. These will help you to outperform your competitors and companies. Learn massive tips and case studies about trendy search engine optimizations.