Jasper AI Review 2023: Is It a Really Good Idea to Replace Your Writer?

Jasper Ai Review

In this Jasper AI review, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about it before you decide on whether you’ll use it or not. Like other artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, it’s a system or technology you can leverage to make work easier, faster, and a lot more efficient.

We’ll have a complete rundown of this state-of-the-art technology, particularly:

  • What this platform or AI technology is
  • Who it is for specifically?
  • How it can help you with your careers and businesses
  • Our overall experience in using it

Before we dive deep down, how do AI platforms like Jasper AI improve or enhance the way you do projects and tasks?

How AI Platforms Help You

The idea behind the creation of AI is for it to provide the necessary software and technology that has the capacity to reason and explain. In shorter and simpler terms, AI’s goal is to improve and enhance both user experience by making things and processes easier, yet more efficient.

A lot of AI programs and platforms have been put into play, particularly the ones that can help you write copy and captions, those that you can use to generate images – even ones that you can utilize for analytics and functionality!

Generally, there are five (5) different types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, which all have their pros and cons! Regardless of that knowledge, though, that still leaves us a bit far in understanding what Jasper AI is.

What is Jasper AI?

Previously Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that’s designed to create copy. It can be anything from as simple as articles, blog posts, social media content, emails, messages, blasts, announcements, scripts – even books and citation!

DID YOU KNOW: The tool actually has a total of 60+ templates for writing blog posts, articles, books, and other marketing campaigns. They advertise 50+, but they actually have other situations and cases it can be effective on.

To give you a short backstory of what this technology is all about, it was an AI tool that was founded back in 2020. Back then, they had less than 10 employees and didn’t actually thought of becoming as big as they are now. During the first few months to their first year, they were able to raise a $6 million seed fund, allowing them to be where they are today.

Jarvis AI vs. Jasper AI: Are They The Same?

Yes, Jasper AI and Jarvis AI is the same. Jarvis AI was its previous name and label but they rebranded it to Jasper after several law-related concerns and issues sprouted. Dave Rogenmoser, the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, said that the change was from a strongly-worded email from MARVEL pursuing legal action against them.

Jarvis Ai Vs Jasper Ai

Nevertheless, Jasper AI still became an extremely useful and popular tool that businesses such as IBM, Canva, AirBnB, Google, Robinhood, and other globally-trusted companies, too!

There will never be shortage of companies that place their complete trust in Jasper AI – just take a look at the snapshot above. All these businesses and organizations are actively using Jasper AI for all the things they need it for.

What Are the Features of Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a highly-appreciated tool that possesses multiple features that are independently functional and useful for a wide array of businesses. Some of the features of Jasper AI include:

  • Templates – Pre-built short-form and long-form content. Business Mode has custom AI ones.
  • Brand Voice (AI-Tailored) – Not available in Boss Mode, but it personalizes the knowledge, guide, and brand voice of your system.
  • Multiple Languages – Can read and produce outputs in different languages, particularly 30+.
  • Extensions – Jasper AI can be present anywhere in your browser.
  • Art – Jasper AI can create art, ads, graphics, thumbnails, and illustrations for you.
  • Commands – You can command it to write several outputs the way you want it to.
  • Chat – You can interact with it in your natural casual dialogue or tone.
  • SEO Made – Can be integrated with Surfer SEO.
  • Recipes – Jasper AI remembers, rinses, and repeats.
  • Plagiarism Checker Access – Has additional fees. Can check plagiarism in case there are a few slips on it.
  • Grammarly – Grammarly Basic is included in both Boss Mode and Business Mode.
  • Project Folders – Store and safekeep Jasper AI’s results in project folders. Unlimited for both Boss and Business Mode.
  • History – You’ll be able to find and locate the content you’ve done.
  • Auto-Save – You don’t need to worry about not being able to save your content as it’s on auto-save.

These are just some of the surface feature that Jasper AI offers. Along your journey, you’ll be able to find other features you can leverage and take advantage of in making your businesses and lives easier.

That being said, who would benefit the most from using Jasper AI out of all the people who has the ability to try and access it?

Who is Jasper AI the Best For?

Being an all-around AI technology, Jasper AI can actually be extremely beneficial to a number of people and professionals. As such, there would still be people who would find it “the tool they need” to either excel on what they are doing or make their lives extremely easier.

Jasper AI will find its perfect place in the minds and hearts of:

Business Owners

Thanks to its automatic writing capability, business owners wouldn’t feel the need to hire someone who has the ability to write factual and compelling content. Jasper AI can write high-quality, original, and well-thought-of content in a matter of minutes.

NOTE: You can even instruct the AI to set it to the right tone (e.g., a professional and catchy tone or a formal with authority tone)

The templates that in Jasper AI are more than enough to give you a complete set of the examples that you need and you’re looking for.

Blog and Content Creators

Since it’s a writing tool, it would positively impact content and blog writers and creators the most. I say “writers and creators” because it’s not just suppressed to one – writers can use it as a basis or a guide for what they need, while creators (vloggers) may use it to form a foundation of script and dialogue.

You can combine Jasper AI with other free (or paid) AI tools like ChatGPT, Copy AI, and other tools that experts leverage in order to create content from scratch.

Marketing and Advertising Specialists

Upon checking the templates available, you would see AIDA framework as a part of it. In case you have no idea what the AIDA Framework is, it is the short term for Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action, a 4-step process that marketers and advertisers follow wand observe as how a consumer turns into a complete stranger to someone who changes their purchasing decision entirely.

Other than this, you can also look for other templates that will totally complement this framework, etc.

NOTE: The Business Mode has a wide array of options and choices for custom-AI-made templates.

Social Media Managers

Social Media is not rocket science – and neither is your project (unless you’re with SpaceX or NASA). Kidding side, social media managers are part of this group simply because they manage, maintain engagement, and improve the quality of a social media profile.

With Jasper AI, automating the copy of graphics, content, ads, and even a few comments will go a long way. Not to mention the fact that you can ask Jasper AI to optimize whatever it will tell you so it fits the results or goals of your campaign perfectly.

E-Commerce Professionals

Do you need help with product descriptions? Do you want your words to match what your target market or audience is looking for? Fret not, Jasper AI has all of these in store for you!

One of the many-best things Jasper AI can help you with would be writing original content for products. Programmer and Founder of Jasper AI, Dave Rogenmoser, engineered it to provide tailored resultsmatched with highly-syllabic and complementary material.

I tried this once in a dropshipping website and it gave me 50+ product descriptions in less than 10 minutes – and hey, they were all optimized. Me and my client could not believe our eyes when it generated a thread of product descriptions in different styles, keywords, and categories.

Web Dev and Designers

Last but most definitely not least are web designers and developers. Yes, I already told you about high-quality content on websites, landing pages, funnels – even emails, ads, and SMS – but did you know that Jasper AI can also write code?

With Jasper AI, you no longer have to deal with a ton of hectic code as you can generate a series of threads with little-to-no effort. Of course, there’ll be a couple of flaws along the way, but those flaws would be workable enough and would take you less time versus writing the code manually.

Jasper AI Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?

For this review, we’ll be talking about the overall rating or efficiency of Jasper AI. Now, unlike other reviews, I won’t be comparing it to others just yet. Instead, I will give you Jasper AI like how I experienced it.

You might find it odd, but taking from my 2+ year experience, I can personally tell you that I found it to be extremely efficient and effective. Now, let’s go into further details about it.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick overview of the things I loved about Jasper AI, as well as the things I loathed.

Pros and Benefits Cons and Drawbacks
The content it creates are all original and plagiarism-free Textbook knowledge they have is not as updated (only up until 2021)
The user interface (UI) is simple and easy-to-understand Plagiarism detection costs additional money
They have tons of templates you can use and leverage Incorrect factual content can be generated but only occasional
They offer a decent free trial (up to 10,000 words) Beginner writers who need AI can think of it as costly
It’s integrated with Surfer SEO No mobile version
They have excellent support No unlimited plans
25+ languages available – could write international content
Short and long-form content are writable

Now that you know the bits of Jasper AI, let’s go through it in complete detail!

Jasper AI Pricing

Let’s not be hypocrites. The primary factor or parameter of our purchasing decision is the price. There are instances where our decision is influenced by other things such as brand name, quality, and even value, but how much something is,has great purchasing decision power over our decisions.

When we look at pricing, it’s important to note that Jasper AI’s pricing is flexible. It will depend on the number of words you’re looking to have the system write per month. When you check them out on their official page, this is how it will look like:

Jasper Ai Pricing

Boss Mode is the entry-level mode that you can customize for yourself depending on your needs. 50K words per month starts at $59.00 monthly, 100K words per month is at $99.00, 300K words is at $279.00, 700K words is at $600 monthly, and anything above it, you’ll need to contact their sales/support team.

Ticking on the Annual billing will help you save 17%, and so, the prices would be $49, $82, $232, and $500, respectively.

For Business, you’ll need to contact their sales team straight. This is because they have to custom-make a plan for you. Furthermore, you can see the inclusions of each package because from here, you can see whether the package fits you or not.

NOTE: Unused words don’t roll over the following month. So, you need to make sure that you’ll get a plan that you’ll strictly be able to achieve and accommodate.

Overall, I found the software to be easy and decent when it comes to pricing. It’s virtually a bit more expensive than its competitors, but it’s not like it’s over-the-top when it comes to how much it really is.

Jasper AI Features

Like many packages (not just AI packages), Jasper AI’s Business Mode that aren’t available in Boss Mode. Nevertheless, if you’re running a business, if you are a writer, of if you are a freelancer involved in any industry and writing content is something that you need to do, Boss Mode will be more than enough.

The features in Boss Mode would typically be enough for simple projects and tasks as it includes 50+ templates all available in 30+ languages, browser extensions, commands, SEO, Grammarly, as well as Surfer SEO integration.

However, the only thing I wished I had was the custom AI templates. They were only available in Business Mode, and so, I’m stuck with the templates. I got to see the custom AI templates in Jasper and it was something that could be of huge assistance, but the general templates weren’t actually so bad.

I even tried to do a speed run using Jasper. So, what I did was I asked it to create an Instagram post for me starting from the idea or the essence of the graphic or visual down to the hashtags that should be used with it.

It created the visual using Jasper AI’s art feature with a touch of text on it. Not only that, but it also generated the caption or copy that’ll be used for it. I was surprised – believe it or not, it didn’t take the machine 10 minutes to do – all I had to do was post it.

Features-wise, Jasper AI will never disappoint you!

Upon registration, you’ll see other features you might not see on the website, they include:

  • Compose and Command Features
  • Google Docs Style Editor
  • Higher Quality Content
  • Team Growth

Jasper AI Templates

In the AI game, templates change the course and make those programs “good” to “great.” On the contrary, it also steeps a level of a program down if it doesn’t have the right templates.

In case you’re new and you have no idea what templates are, templates are pre-made or pre-built designs and styles that are specific to what they’re going to be used for. They can be for content improvement, outlines for blog posts, creative stories, product descriptions, company bios, etc.

Here’s a few sample snapshots of the templates that Jasper AI has that you can use as basis for what your project is about.

Jasper Ai Usages

Jasper AI, in total has 50+ templates for the general account (Boss Mode). You’ll find other customized pre-built AI-generated templates in Business Mode, but that would be for heavy projects, tasks, and businesses.

I did find some that were highly appropriate for some of our projects, but I simply treated them as bonuses instead because they aren’t part of Boss Mode.

Customer Service/Customer Support Team

When it comes to support and assistance, Jasper AI will never fail you. The system has been designed to carry loads of support from different sources such as prepared and pre-made videos, a blog, a Facebook support group, a contact us area, as well as a few documentations about the system.

In my personal experience, I never had troubles or problems in requiring support honestly. Other than the fact that I am a techy person and I know my way around a few of these stuff, the guides and documentation that they have and they offer are extremely legitimate and helpful.

They have this LIVE 101 training where they’ll allow you to join a group and upon doing so, you’ll have 50K+ more words as a bonus for taking the time to learn about the system! It’s an impeccably good deal!

Moreover, they also have this LIVE Q&A, which also gives 5K+ more words for learning. You can get all of these and never worry about how you can get familiar with the system.

Whether you’re a beginner in the AI world or if you just want to have a brief, but effective run-through of the system, Jasper AI’s deals and support structure will be more than enough to get you going.

Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper Ai Surfer Seo Integration

Their SEO integration will allow you to write 5X faster (and with better content) than you would manually. I know this because I tested it and it literally gave me one long-form article that has 0 plagiarism counts.

Not only that, but Jasper AI will also provide the best keyword opportunities, structures, strategies, as well as help you optimize your content further.

The drawbacks and cons I found would be on how the article is presented, and they revolve around the effectiveness and overall personality of the work. You see, AI is designed to give you a straightforward and direct result based on what you’re looking for. Therefore, every single time that a request is sent, it gives the best and most-direct answer it can give.

Another would be factual fallacies. The AI gets information that’s written all over the web. Therefore, it will get information only from sources that are on the internet – right or wrong.

I recall a time when I wrote about the basics of SEO. I know for a fact that design and load time are two (2) of the most essential factors of it, but Jasper wrote it to be something that could be missed. Good thing I was checking – and I would suggest the same to you, too!

Just because it’s AI doesn’t mean it’s always right.


In case you have a few more questions about Jasper AI and how you can leverage it for your business, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Jasper AI!

Is Jasper AI Actually Good?

Yes, Jasper AI is an insanely efficient and effective AI technology that you can use for multiple purposes. And while you might think that it’s only limited to writers, copywriters, blog and article composers, and even social media managers, it’s not! You can do a lot with it, especially since we are on the digital age and all code is a combination of binary sequences.

Which is Better, Copy AI or Jasper AI?

It actually depends on what your future and goals are on why you’re using an AI tool. For the most part, Copy AI is directed to creativity and copy, while Jasper AI is more so structured and comprehensive. However, those are not the only things to look at when comparing the two.

Some of the most impacting points in comparing Jasper AI and Copy AI are:

  • Copy AI has about 50% more templates than Jasper AI
  • Jasper AI is excellent for both short and long-form content, while Copy AI would always be the winner with short-form content
  • Jasper AI has more features in store that you can leverage and take advantage of, while Copy AI is direct and straight-to-the-point

Can You Make Money From AI Art?

Now that we know Jasper AI has “art” as one of its features, the question you ought to be asking would be, can you make money from AI art? The quick and fast answer to it is yes, you can! All you have to do is to create art using AI art and use it as prints for other websites like Redbubble, Café Press, and TeeSpring.


Hopefully, this Jasper AI review has been helpful for you in finding and figuring out whether the system is good for you or not. Now, I know that a lot of you could still be in the shade in choosing an AI platform to scale and up your business, but Jasper AI could be the all-inclusive, holistic tool you’re looking for.

Create highly-compelling content without ever going out of your way or spending countless hours for it!